Monday, May 2, 2011

My birthday~

I'm 19 now~
I had a full day Birthday 3 rounds of birthday celebration!!!
I'm tired,but in the meanwhile,i'm happy and still happy :D :D
Thanks to all the wishes from you guys,my primary school friends,secondary school friends,college friends,FB friends,teachers,seniors,juniors and NS friends.....
Thanks for Wen Yen,Lee Chin and Zi Hui for the lunch at Chili's and accompany me watch as celebration~ :D
Thanks for Ying Jie,Phei Sze,Soo Yee,Choy Yeng and Yong Wei for the celebration at Padi House I <3 the cake!!! :P
Last but not least,thanks to my primary school friends, Sher Ben,Yong Han,Sze Man and Guan Li for wishing me and accompany me too~~haha
thanks Y'all~

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today is a awesome day!!!!
Why?Because I went to GYM!Is my 1st time and is my wish to go and also photo shooting again!!=D
Today is Photography and Digital Imaging tutorial class and we went to the broadcast studio again and have photo shoot again but today we use different light.
Anyway,some of my classmates become the model for us to practice the 5 lights that I mentioned in yesterday's blog.
Well,I don't know one of the model perasan or what,at 1st HE wear a jacket into the studio and after we finish shooting 2nd model,then the HE came in with no jacket but singlet and the studio was cold because the lecturer switch on the air-cond.I was like, "swt = =,perasan lar you,purposely change and want attraction only"...OK lar,i admit that i don't like his attitude,but in the end I still take some few shots of him lar~

Anyway,after class me and 3 other sampatians went to True Fitness to exercise.Is my 1st time!!!Yeah,finally I went to a gym..Actually is one of my friend was a member in that gym center and her friend work there,so that's why we can exercise at there and we got 2 weeks trials.Whoottss~
We definitely will go there again for the next 2 weeks...
Enjoy my day today~<3
Off to the dizzle wizzle~haha
Take care and peace off~


Howdie my friends!
Today,I was having lunch with my Sampatians at somewhere nearby our college.
While we are eating,i don't know who started the conversation about pregnant,menstrual....= = sweat right??
I think it was because Mandy eating pineapple,then we all ask her "why you eat pineapple" and some silly private   questions. LOLX
My gosh~we laugh like hell man! After that,they said want to go Guardian to buy pregnant testing kit. I was like...O.o" okay~~but in the end,they didn't lar~ haha..
Time passed so fast,the moments we enjoy besides in class was over...
After we went to room 3 for our Photography and Digital Imaging class.Today class was so fun.First,our lecturer,En.Zaini teach us about 5 different lighting which is Rembrandt light,Split light,Broad light,Loop light and Butterfly light. After he explained to us in class,then we went to the studio to "play and learn" : D .
After he demonstrate,he told us that we will have a small evaluation about how we set up all the lighting among 5 of the lights.Well,according to the name list that he got,I was the first one. At first I thought is hard,but actually,after you take sometime to observe and ask,is quite easy. He said out 2 lights for each of us and i got  Rembrandt light and Split light.The light stand is so heavy and some of us almost scared En.Zaini....XD but nothing happen lar...
After all of us done,he gave us 15 minutes break and we use the break time to take sampat pictures in the studio.It was all about happy and crazy time..haha~even En.Zaini laugh at us..because we are so SAMPAT! XD
We went back to the class and En.Zaini explained the group assignment for us...Finally,assignment!I aim to get Distinction for this subject and he tell us we have to be 4 person in a group. I'm in group with other 3 sampatians while the other 4 are in a group :)
I can't wait to do this assignment and hopefully it will well lar and work it like what we planned~:P
That's all for now, do keep on to stalk my blog,more interesting stories are on the way...:P
Take care and goodbye V^^ 

Sunday, April 24, 2011



现在,我已经来到Semester 3 了。
Semester 3对我来说,我喜欢,因为它的科目和时间。
在这学期,我的人际关系也提升了许多吧,因为我和一班“三八” 的,成为了朋友,也组织了"SampatOrganization" ,有创意吗??哈哈~




你的行为从SEM 2,我就开始感到反感。

Monday, December 20, 2010


Hey everyone.
Today I watch movie in cinema again.
I go "gai gai" again at Time Square.
We meet up Kar Li,Hui Teng and See Ling at Time Square around 11.30am while me and Yuen Teng take the bus to TS.

After we reach there,we go to the ticket booth to buy  "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader".Wanted to watch "Lelio PoPo",a local chinese movie,but then Yuen Teng already watched,so we decide to watch this one.At first,i thought this  "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" is boring,but then until I watch finish,i found it is very nice....haha :D
I like the poster too...this is the poster.Actually i like all Chronicles of Narnia poster from the 1st one's to now.

Can't wait for the next one...
but unfortunately,the next series don't have the main characters anymore.(I mean The Pevensie Children)
The latest one's which is  "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader", I like the plot of the wish i can be in the world like that..haha :P~~~

After the movie,me and Yuen Teng go for a window shopping...i want to buy a flat hat,but then on a second thought,"nah~~" want to buy a new shoe first,only i buy the hat...haha...
anyway...we also want to buy Kar Li present,so we go to S&J to choose her present.
We choose a muffin cake candle.
Is a candle that release nice smell...hope she <3 it lah~~haha
Later on,we went Gasoline for lunch.
I swear i won't go Gasoline anymore...The food sucks.When the waiter serve the food to us,the dish itself already make me lost my appetite...but i have to eat it because I already order...(ish!) then we chatting for a while.

Me and Yuen Teng leave early and both of us go for window shopping and buy waffle to eat..LOLx...
that's my day for today...haha..
~~peace off~~ 

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Whee~~~Holiday lu~~~
Finally,finished my final exam on Thursday..the last paper was Advertising Principles...
For me,I wrote a lot of answer,but don't know whether correct or wrong,is totally bullshit...haha....hope i get marks from my bullshitting....XD For me is kinda easy but a little bit hard....:P
After the exam,I went home by bus and LRT and that time was raining...luckily is not heavy rain.Then reach Bukit Jalil LRT station and walk from there to Lee Chin house with Wen Yen because that day we are celebrating Kar Mayn's belated B'day...We had dinner at "Taiwan Dami",a new restaurant at Sri Petaling.Lee Chin fetched me and Wen Yen to there,1st time be her passenger leh...wahaha..
Anyway,we reached there about 7.30pm and Ying Jie,Kar Mayn and Soo Yee is already waiting us in Kar Mayn mother's car..

We suppose to had dinner at a Japan restaurant,but there was not many people,so we changed to the Taiwan one's.We,(Me,Lee Chin,Wen Yen,Ying Jie,Soo Yee,Kar Mayn,Amanda,Vicky and Phei Sze) had a great dinner.We chat and laugh a lot.Vicky went back early and Phei Sze came late,but both of them still met each other lah~haha....
There are Lame and Happy moments when we are having dinner..
1)Wen Yen's food served after all of us finished our own food and she is the last one still eating.(haha..)
2)Soo Yee wrote "谁搞拉面" can you guess what food is that?Is 水饺拉面。(WT~~~)
3)Kar Mayn was so happy and surprised when she got the present.(aww~~~)
4)take pictures...(yeah!!)
 this is the link (pichas) that we took that day~hehe~
~Nice Dinner~

My recently like:

  • Hebe田馥甄-Love and 你太猖狂
  • Plants Vs Zombies (Zen Garden Music)
  • Rihanna-Only Girl (in the World) and What's My Name
  • Bruno Mars-Grenade
  • 3OH3-Double Vision
  • Neon Tree-Animal
  • 戴佩妮-看见听见
  • Plants Vs Zombie
LoL...enjoyed very much~~haha
that's all for this week story~
Wish everyone have a good day and Merry Christmas~~

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today wake up at 10am because me and my family are going to MAHA(Malaysia, Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Exhibition).Is at The Malaysian Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS).
My family went there on Wednesday and I didn't follow,so mum said wanna go there again and we choose today.Well,we can't predict future right?Guess what,the car park is so full until dad say "forget about it,go next year"..I'm a bit dissappointed,but then is okay,can go next year.
There is a extra moment that make me happy which is I see National Service bus along the way.
there you go,NS bus...:D

Is already 6 months i leave NS til now..I'm still miss it so much..I think I got NS sick..HAHA!!!
Besides that,I also wish to go back SABAH someday when I got holiday and me and my family are chatting about vacation.I ask my parents whether we can go Sabah next year, and my dad say "you can go yourself when there is airline tickets promotion since you got friends at there too"...I'm like " just say that,which means I can go SABAH...haha"
Now,I'm just waiting for the exam,and when exam over,I can relax.
Find someday ask dad to teach me how to book airline ticket and look for promotion...haha....can't wait for that day to come....Whee~

PEace off now~night! ^^V